Quick Lesson on the Ney #564

                                     Taha Nye #564


Introduction to interview of Sa’idi Nye musician and maker Taha


Taha is not from a traditional family of musicians, he was in construction. So it made sense that when he fell in love with the Nye (reed flute) he both played it and learned how to make it. In the next few video entrees we watch how Taha constructs Nye and Kawala. In this short video he demonstrates how to play the Nye.

Location; We visited Taha at his studio, in the edge of Luxor, Upper Egypt.

  • 0:03 Taha shows how much of the opening should be covered. And shows how to hold his mouth to cover.
  • 0:11 He gently blows a note.
  • 0:14 “Kidda ho” means “like this”. Taha shows the fingering and the notes produced.
  • 0:21 Taha plays us a highly ornamented tune.
  • 0:26 “That’s not easy!”
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