Nassar Nye #1594

                                     #1594 Nassar Nye 2


Introduction to interview of Sa’idi Nye musician Nassar.


This is part 2 of a 6 part interview.

As is normal for Nye musicians, Taha is not from a traditional family of musicians. He fell in love with the Nye and enjoys playing both Sufi and secular music.

  • 0:05 Wael asks “What type of music do you like more” (Sufi) “or other types of music? Which satisfies you more?”
  • 0:08 Nassar answers what satisfies him was a good performance and when the audience enjoyed it.

Normally the segments in this interview are 8-9 minutes in length. This was just a short thought that I think all performers can all relate to.

Location Gezira Garden Hotel top floor celebration area, in the West Bank of Luxor, with the permission of owner Mr. Gamal. With interview assistance by Saad Hassan impresario and Wael Mohamed Ali translator. Aszmara as research assistant. Video by Sahra C Kent. May, 2018

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