You thought you knew a lot about the dance of Egypt. Bellydancing.

But Then You Took JtE-1

And Your Mind Literally Melted

Not only is there not just Bellydancing, there’s more than you could have ever dreamt, and it’s complicated.



Doing your own research is an option, but how to start? And who would you share your findings with? Perhaps some of your local dance friends are into it, but odds are they’re not as passionate as you about the subject of your research.

But what if you could join a community that was dedicated to research? To learning more about the dances of Egypt?

What if you could keep the knowledge flow of JtE going every week?

Introducing The Journey Through Egypt Archive

We’re here for you.

With the Journey Through Egypt Dance Archive, Sahra will be sharing her research from Egypt. You’ll get to see the raw footage with translations, and see how Sahra has built up her vast amounts of knowledge.

Not only will you get to see how Sahra conducts her research but you’ll be in the company of other, serious dance researchers/nerds like yourself. Chat about implications, influences, and observations from a dance ethnology point of view.

Get feedback on your own research and make connections with others pursuing a similar path.

Here in the dance archive we are all about discussion without the drama.

We keep it civil, and we keep it focused.

Each month you’ll have access to 2 new videos from Sahra’s vast archive of research footage. These are videos she simply doesn’t have time to show during JtE 1 or 2, but that contain a wealth of fabulous information.

In addition to the monthly videos, we’ll also have live web events with Sahra where you can ask questions directly and get mentorship on your own research projects and watch parties where we can delve into older footage from the archive!

Every video added to the archive goes into the vault, where you’ll be able to access all previous videos whenever you wish as long as your membership is active.

Discussions on videos will happen in a private facebook group that will be heavily moderated to keep discussions free form and drama to a minimum.

This is a place for serious dance researchers and those looking to continue the mind melting goodness that is Journey Through Egypt. 

Many dancers who complete the Journey Through Egypt course, or even those who have only just begun it – would like to learn more! Many take it upon themselves to begin researching on their own, and we acknowledge that this is a very difficult path to follow. Others choose to seek out more time with Sahra, or other professionals of the field, to gain as much knowledge as they can.

The problem is that Sahra has only so much time, and with personal lessons, she's only able to help one person at a time. 

And Sahra couldn't be more excited about the archive.


I am so excited to get the archive up and running! So excited to get this video footage out there and viewed and considered by interested people! I've been hanging on to some of it for 25 years! And then some of the new research is exciting and only 2 months old! I encourage participation in the archive and the discussion within it; we can all learn more, share information and research realities. Lets all work together adding to and discussing the growing body of knowledge.

Sahra Kent

By bringing this raw footage directly to you, in easily digestible chunks to fit into your busy schedule, the Journey Through Egypt Dance Archive will help bring you closer to the roots of your dance a little bit more every week. Understanding the roots of our dance, and the culture of the place that helped shape it into what it is today is essential to any dancer, and what better way to get to know these roots, and this culture, than through documented video straight from the source.

  • 2 new research videos every month
  • Exclusive lectures & Q &A's with Sahra
  • Exclusive access to our drama free research community to discuss and ask questions about research
  • Access to "The Vault" of all past research videos released, which is constantly growing with
  • Watch parties to catch up on items you may have missed.
  • Access to all of Sahra's videos shown during JtE-1 and JtE-2
  • Discounts on Private Lessons with Sahra, to get into the movements!

$10 USD a month

or $100 a year when billed annually!

That's $20 in savings every year!

How we got started

As part of Sahra’s research for her Master’s thesis on the Zeffat Al Aroosa she traveled to Egypt to do research in person.

And ended up staying for 6 years.

During that time she took a lot of video, and then kept going back, year after year to continue her research.

The video footage began to pile up.

Fast forward to 2014, and while Sahra is now recording with digital devices, the cassettes from her years of research were still sitting there. Over 200 of them.

So the team at Journey Through Egypt had an idea. What if we transferred those tapes to a digital format so that the knowledge could be shared? It was a great idea, but we lacked the necessary funds for such a large transfer of physical media to the digital age.

Enter Kickstarter and our wonderful backers. Due to the amazing generosity of our community we were able to raise enough money to fund more of Sahra’s research in the Sa’id and more importantly, transfer those cassettes to a digital medium before time rotted away the tapes.

We’re happy to announce the Archive is finally here, due 100% to our generous backers, without whom this project never would have been possible.

This dance revolves around community, and we couldn’t be more thankful for ours. Thanks goes out to each and every one of our 253 backers.

Is the archive not for you right now? No problem! Join the list below to enjoy everything else JtE has to offer!