Sa’idi Series – Rababa #563

                                            Rababa #563


The final part of an interview of Sa’idi Rababa musician Qurashi is a mawwal and song; “El Galb Yeshag Wahed Bas”

Qurashi is from a traditional family of Rababa musicians. I had seen him and his brothers in countryside weddings, playing in their family rababa band in the traditional way; 3 rababa, 2 drummers, and a singer on a flatbed trailer or dikka benches as stage. He also plays in the new way; as a single rababa musician in a mixed band of other melody instruments either for a foreign audience or in the government-sponsored saqafa (governorate troupe).

Here we asked Qurashi to sing a Mawwal accompanying himself on the rababa. He then played “El Galb Yeshag Wahed Bas” (“The Heart Loves Only One”). Tablah by Saleh Dahab.

Location El Gezira Gardens Hotel with the permission of owner Mr. Gamal. With interview assistance by Saad Hassan impresario and Wael Mohamed Ali translator. Delanna as research assistant.

Video by Sahra C Kent. July 13, 2015

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