Nassar Nye #1598

                   Nassar Nye #1598


Nassar Nye #1598


This clip is the final part of the 6 part interview with Nassar, nye musician from Luxor, Egypt. I had hoped to get video of Nassar playing the nye, but the information about the Sufi had earlier finished the film (at which time I found a bit left on another disc), and now finished the battery. Between the previous clip and this one, we were shown YouTube videos of Refa’i Sufi catching snakes, putting skewers through their cheeks, and walking on swords.

  • 0:04 Wael is still showing YouTube clips, Nassar is telling us how the followers can do these things without being harmed.
  • 0:20 I mention that these people do not look happy. Wael says that they have come with the sheik, they have come to do this.
  • 0:34 I ask if there is music accompanying these events. They say no, but I have to remember sometimes “music” means “melody.” And then we ascertain that there could be percussion.
  • 0:44 There may be cymbals, “noggara” (which in this conversation seems to mean the same thing as “naqrazon” – other places they are 2 different instruments), and tabl…
  • 0:49 Nassar mentions the group chanting “yabo al alamain ya Refa’i”.
  • 0:52 Saad mentions the chanting “hoy ya hoy ya hoy”.
  • 1:00 Returning to the percussion used, Saad adds “the drum used with Mizmar” which is the “Tabl Baladi”.
  • 1:34 “Refa’i” means to raise, or lift up. They can lift up the snakes from a house.
  • 2:02 The Refa’i made a promise to God that they will not harm snakes, and snakes will not harm them.
  • 2:30 “A gift from God, all with God’s will.”

Interview location was Gezira Gardens Hotel, Luxor west bank, with artist Nassar Nye, translator Wael Mohamed Ali with the help of impresario Saad Hassan. May 2018. Interviewed and videotaped by Sahra C Kent. Thank you to Mr. Gamal the hospitable owner of Gezira Gardens, and to Aszmara research assistant.

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