Aswan Saqafa Kaf #401

                             Aswan Saqafa Kaff rehearsal #401


Aswan Saqafa Kaff rehearsal #401


One of the dances performed by the Aswan Saqafa / Aswan Culture Palace / Aswan Governorate Troupe is the “Kaff” (also can be spelled “Kaf”). Kaff refers to the palm of the hand, therefore referring to clapping as part of the dance. There are several regional and population based styles of Kaff this one, as we shall discover in the next Archive video entry, is “Kaff Ja’afary” of the El Ja’afra people. As in all the styles of Kaff I have observed, the men form lines, circles or other organized formations. The females (if included) dance more of a freestyle ovement and path and do not join the formations of the men. I filmed this in Aswan during our JtE-4 study tour in October 2019. We were lucky to be in Aswan during rehearsals for the sun-rise celebration to be held in Abu Simbel on Lake Nassar, south of Aswan.

JtE-4 October 2019

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