How it Works

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Here are the basics of how the archive works.

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what you get

Every month 2  new videos of Sahra's research will be posted here in the archive. The best way to be notified of this video will be to join our Facebook group. We do our best to post new videos on Wednesdays!


Each month we'll also send out a recap email of all the videos for that month and links to any good conversations going on in the community.

Discussions for each of the videos will take place in the Facebook group. You can click the link at the end of each video to be taken to the group, where you'll be able to ask questions and share information with your fellow members!

You can search for videos in the Facebook group by using the unique number associated with each video, or searching the related terms.

Live Events

We'll host our live events through Zoom, and you'll be getting links and reminders through your email and the Facebook group.

You can see the next upcoming events on the home page.

We do monthly Q & A's with Sahra, as well as a watch party where we go through some of the previously released content so the conversation doesn't stop when we release a new video!

Searching for Content

Looking for something in particular? We try to tag our videos as much as possible to make searching easy! There are 4 ways to find content:

  • 1
    Check out the homepage to see the most recent videos!
  • 2
    Check the "Our Series" link in the menu to see the videos that go together. 
  • 3
    If you're looking for videos on a specific region click "Videos by Region" in the menu.
  • 4
    Scroll to the bottom of the page and use the search function in the lower right hand corner for what you're looking for or search with a # on Facbeook. Check out of list of our chosen spellings to make things easier.


Here at the Dance Archive we aim to have an openminded, kind, and drama free discussion about the dances of Egypt. Please:

  • Stay on Topic
  • Keep to the dances of Egypt.
  • Refrain from posting about local/personal events/products aside from specified posts.
  • Be Nice even if you disagree. We're here to discuss and debate, not put each other down.
  • Feel free to bring in outside sources and information! We are looking to expand our knowledge past already known and accepted content
  • It is ok to disagree. Absolutely do not insult another member.

Members who do not adhere to these rules will receive two warnings before being removed from the archive. We are here to foster a positive research environment, and will do our best to ensure that this is a safe space for discussion.

Note: Conversations from this group can obviously be discussed elsewhere, but do not take screenshots to post elsewhere . Any member doing this will immediately be removed. This is to ensure the privacy of our members and to allow people to discuss freely within the group.